Can you put your yoga towel in the dryer?

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Can you put your yoga towel in the dryer?

So it's like time to wash your clothes and then you realise wow what about the towel?  Now when I say towel I am talking about your yoga towel or fitness towel that you just used for the duration of your fitness routine. What you call it will of course depend on what it is being used for but most people call it their towel, yoga towel, gym towel or fitness towel. Whether it is being used simply to soak up your body sweat or if it is being used on a yoga mat it is going to be pretty dirty by the end of your exercise time.  

By the way, using a towel on a yoga mat is a great way to maintain personal hygiene especially if you are sharing a yoga mat or exercising at your local gym. It not only keeps you hygienically safe but also protects the mat too which makes sense. Whatever you call your towel though and however you use it, a lot of people do ask the question of what's the best way to wash it and can I throw it in the dryer or not?

Cleaning and washing your towel can be done by simply putting it in the washing machine in warm water and probably not with your other clothes.  The normal amount of detergent can be used just like washing your normal clothes but most experts say to stay away from using fabric softener as this tends to affect the micro fibres in your towel.    

Once the wash is done don’t let it sit in the washing machine but pull it out and throw it on the line to air dry either outside in the natural sunlight or inside on a drying rack in a well ventilated and sunny room.  This way it can dry naturally and in enough time for your next fitness routine.

Drying your yoga towel in the dryer would be a last resort and if you have to do this don’t run it on high heat but just on a nice warm and gentle setting.  It’s important to look after your towel not only because of the expense in buying one but also because your health and exercise is important in your life and your towel is what you use every time you go through your yoga or fitness routines.

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